Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Keepers of The Faith

Since I fell in love with the tattoo scene in 2009,
I have made a lot of tattoos in my body,
the last time I went to my friend's tattoo studio, Grim Reaper,
i made 3 tattoos in a day!
First is a lettering of KOTF in my chest.
It hurts damn much I barely couldn't breathe.
It's dedicated to my tricky hubby, Ali.
Quite simple handwriting typography, but I really love it!

here it goes, The Keeper of The Faith,
based on Terror's song from their last album,
Keepers of The Faith

The second one is an accidental tattoo,
because I've never think about getting a 'LA' tattoo,
but three places I must visit before I die is including LA,
besides New York and London.
I got it on my middle-finger, it doesn't mean f@#k with LA,
cause I want to make a NY on my index-finger and a dollar sign on the pinky ;)

(can you see the diamond? I repeated the outline, because its color become faded)

The last tattoo, I trust Ravee for the design.
He picked a spade, a tribal spade. Pretty good for the neck.
So after we finished the LA, and a few cigarettes,
we start to make the spade.
For Heaven's sake!!!!!! It hurts so fuckin baaaddd!!
I swear, I will never tattoo y neck anymore... *sigh

you can see the my neck got swollen
and it bled a lot :(

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