Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Block Party @ Demangan (July 3rd 2011)

Say hello to Unkle Vaxvox & Unkle Indera Kardashian!

me and my newly-wed sista, Biancha

my tricky hubby and her hubby

Thanks Unkle Vaxvox for doin' me homework ;)

brotherhood! (Unkle Rezka & Unkle Indra)

me and me hubby were sooo bored and deadly hungryyy :3

Altricky and Mr. Sorry-I-Forget-Your-Name, Nasatomi Ceria.

Real vampires don't smoke :p
my guy and his guy. :D

Unkle Melqy!

yea, me & Unkle Melqy. I don't consider we both have the same race :/
Block Party or Gay Party?

Rembol, also called by a cooler name as Crew.

Why it is always Melqy???????? !@#%$&*^

(*Striped Cropped Sleeveless
*Black Tutu Skirt
*Red Patent Shoulder Bag
*Red Mary Jane Flats)

Hysteric rembol.

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