Q & A

1. Who are you?
* Take a look at the 'Behind The Stage' section.
   . . . . . .
   Okay. Now you know my name.

2. Where is your location?
*  Currently living in Yogyakarta, Indonesia. Such a lovely cultural city.

3. What is this blog about?
My sense of style, story of my life, random thoughts. Anything I want!

4. When you start Fashion Hates Me?
*  August 2011, recently. I changed my blog theme a lot. But I hope, Fashion Hates Me will last.

5. Why you choose Fashion Hates Me as your title?
*  Because I'm not into fashion. I mean, fashion as what's trending now, what should I wear this season, just it. I only wear what I want to wear, I wear something that I really comfortable with. As simple as that. But still, with a touch of dress-up-art. I don't want to look trashy. ;)