Saturday, August 6, 2011

Letter To God #2

Dear God.

Hello God,
It's me, Vava. It's been a long time, I never write a letter to You gain. Sometimes I miss You so bad. I'm awfully sure, You know that, without me should tell you. How's Your life? Been busy nowadays? Ramadhan month has come, right? Heheh. I'm deadly fine. Thanks to You for making my life way much better than before. And thanks for the angel You sent me three months ago.

Yea, the angel named Alimuddin Taufiq.
Everything turned wonderful since he appeared to my messy fucking life. You were right in choosing him for me. He can take care of me, accept me for who I am, understands me from the good to the bad, and hey God, do You know? My WHOLE family likes him! I love You so much God.
Now I know You're exist since finally You answered my wish.

Mmmm, God,
can I ask you something?
I just want You to keep him for me. Don't take him away from me. He is the only one, the last one I want. I know God, I've been bad and I don't believe in You. I know, I hurt You. I was wrong, God. But please, now, I'm begging You. I love him very much. I don't want to lose him for the rest of my life.

I'm so sorry God,
I asked You for something in a hurry. I'm at Dunkin Donuts right now, with the angel that You sent me. I couldn't ignore him for too long, I gotta talk to him. Doesn't mean I have no time for You, but yeah, You know. By the way, thanks for reading my letter. I heart You!

See You around, My Highness! <3


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  1. and still my 23rd birthday never be same without belated birthday gift from God, a lover, you my dear, sweet love which i'm devoted to. live today, love forever , me dear, me keeper of the faith . lotta woof :*