Saturday, August 6, 2011

Red Stripes & Jogja Hiphop Foundation

This August is the month of Ramadhan,
a fasting month for every Muslims in the world.
Yesterday, Jogja Hiphop Foundation (JHF) held a street perform
in Taman Budaya, Malioboro in order to wait for iftar.
Iftar is the time for the Muslims are allowed to eat and drink after fasting all day.
And the event filled with so much fun!

So, this is Jogja Hiphop Foundation..

I love my polka bandana!
Kreayshawn is one of my inspiration to dress up ;)

By the way, my husband met his fella, Unkle Indera and Unkle Dhani.
I just realized that Unkle Indra has such a currrlllyyyy lashes! I envy him :(
Look at the picture below to compare my lashes and his lashes...

Ahaaa! Gotcha! Noooo, I'm kidding. That's not his real eyelashes,
I edited the photo. But that's true, Unkle Indera has a curly lashes without mascara ;;)
I feel like steal 'em from him.

And the last one...

With my Fakadub!! <3

(*Nike V-Neck Sweater
*Black Tank Top
*Black High Waisted Jeans
*White Nike Air High-Top Sneakers
*Swatch Red Rubber Watch
*Red Polkadot Bandana
*Black Tote Bag)

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