Saturday, August 6, 2011


I don't feel very well today..
Yogykarta's weather is not kind!
Seems like I'm about to have flu, I can't do nothing,
just lay and stare at my laptop all day.. :(
I have an appoinment with Fakadub to go to Starbucks tonight.
Have some sip of caffeine and read good books..
I just bought 2 Chicken Soup with him a couple of days ago.
Chicken Soup for The Coffee Lover's soul and the other one is
Chicken Soup for The Shopper's Soul.
We both love coffee so much, and we like to window shopping sometime.
Make a to-buy-list together, tell what do we want each other. :D

looks good together right? :D
I really can't say NO to Iced Caramel Coffee Jelly Frappuccino!

I want a Varsity Jacket recently, but I haven't found the good one :(
Does anybody know where I can find the plain varsity around Jogja?
Hope I'll get it and get well soon..

Floral Navy Blue Long Sleeve
Light Wash Jegging
Sky Blue Shawl
White Faux-Fur Parka

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