Saturday, June 18, 2011

Suuccchhh A Baaaddddd Day!

here is how the story goes..

i went out last night with my guy,
he had a siomay-without-siomay crave. (-____-"!)
so i accompanied him to KotaBaru.

after he finished eating,
he had another crave, ciu, a traditional booze,
the one that made by sugar-cane fermentation.
i loooveee ciu damn much, so i said yes,
and we bought a bottle of it.

we did that drink-drank-drunk in his place,
but then i complained "What kind of ciu is this? I feel nothing."
cause it was really taste like a ciu, but i got no effect.
he said so, but when i stood up, i thought "Oh God,
what the fuck happen, i'm a lil bit drunk."
but i don't give a damn, and my guy brought me home.

hey, we had time to take a picture before i went home,
take a look at my face, it's the after-ciu ...

still cute even when i'm drunk :D

yea, i'm home finally,
and i've just realized that ciu and wind is not a good match.
i was nayap nayap last nite, i even forgot when i take off my boot. LOL.
i don't remember anything, i just knew that I'm home yet,
and when i woke up, i'm knowing that i slept in the living room.

i can't find my cellphone, and when my mom found it,
it is broken and covered up by coffee. oh Gosh..
another victim of alcohol.. T.T
My bro said that i spilled a cup of coffee over my phone and hair,
that's the reason why my phone is broken now,
and why my right-side hair is sooooooooo coarse :(

i even didn't change my clothes!

this is how i look at the morning,
taken by my bro..

Yes, I'm no longer predicated as the Queen of Drunk Pendopo
like i used to be..

i forgot i have an inky project with Ravee today,
so see ya later mates! *kisses

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