Monday, June 13, 2011

No Title

Yea just like Mr. Slim Shady said, I can't tell you what it really is.
I just feel like something made my heart squeezed.
Surely I'm pissed at the first time, then dying on the second line,
but i love that feeling when I'm hurting till I'm losing my mind.

First page of our chapter is a great history,
such a pretty serendipity,
but then I jumped out of my bed and see, guess what,
I found myself in such an autism jealousy.
She really looks like me, bang!
Trying to keep silent, let me drown in insanity.
Somebody warn me, and i ignored it.
Now I'm taking the risk, then for the first time I got hit!

Take a bottle of cheap wine, I have nothing more to do
Another shots of alcohol, don't worry, I still care about you
Yea, sort of my fellas, they give me the pills,
counting down, 3, 2, 1, then I took the thrill.
Who is she? The one with the purple wall,
I don't even know her name,
you made me throw my head to the bathroom stall,
slit my wrist, got me on bended knees off the ground,
with these shitty wound.
When I wake up, i got nothing else to lose,
all i need is only my boozes.

I keep that picture just to hurt myself to the bone,
and you don't even see me through my heart,
or it's just you postpone?
I'm drowning in pain, but I can't get up,
Stuck in memories, all I can do is hesitatin'
Nobody can pick me up!
You think I'm fine,
I'm covered in smile, but inside I'm cryin'
Apology, apology,
Is there another way to say good bye ba-a-by?
I don't wanna leave, I don't want to, Honeybee.
Swan Lake is on my playlist now, think I gotta shoot my head
Stupid, I don't have a gun, I'm going outta state.
Stiletto dagger, look back in anger,
I'm dumb, I'm numb, I can't stay any longer.
I packed up my bags, find a way to go,
Spit on our photographs, leaving to the unknown destination
About one mile I cancel it, i gotta face the situation.
Didn't hear the sirens ringing,
Again, I want my bottle tinkling,
Oh dear, what kind of a bitch am I?
When you appear, I try to stand up strong,
forget that lie that I cried by.

Baby you said that I'm a masochist,
come on hit me with your best shot,
I don't need anything, just blow me a kiss!

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