Friday, July 9, 2010

work to heal

as any usual Friday i'm working at Koffin Lab., a psychobilly store..
there's too much things and places that reminds me of those past memories.
it hurts damn much i know, well i thought with working i could forget them
for a while but in fact i still couldn't.
it was really sad to lose someone we love very much,
furthermore we've spent a lot of time with the person that we lost.
in highschool, street, everyplace i go. we laughed, cried, running away, broke, rich, hungry, full, flew, fell down, together.
how could i dry the tears in my eyes? seems like i can't.

at my work, i remember all the things we've ever done.
from tasteless fights, awkward silences, and then he picked me up afterwork.
he bought me a rose candy, bring me to the place we love.
there's just too much memories!
i prayed to God to give me insomnia!
foolish? yes. cheesy? more!

i'll admit, he's a jerk, he fucked my life, he screw everything.
my dreams, my hope, my heart, my life.
but still, he's the one that beside me in every little second.
he brings me up when i'm down.
he saves me when i'm falling.
he bring almost everything to my life.
lessons how to survive, the meaning of life, taught me things to do when i'm running away from home and a total broke, love, caring, a warm hug, tears, pain, everything.

i should survive.
this is my project.
Work to Heal.

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