Saturday, July 10, 2010

such a strange day

i think my nerves are all damaged.
i can't catch something spontaneously.
i hold a stuff with shivering hands.
i can't do a multi-tasking.
i oftenly drop things.

what the hell happen to me?
am i Parkinson? haha, not funny. -,-

i gotta take a rest,
sometimes i'm just turning into a workaholic.
but the next day i become the laziest couch potatoes,
i'd rather be sitting pretty at home holding beer and watch football match.
my mom said that i'm restless.
afterwork, i hang out (usually) with my (ex) hubby.
drinkin beer, talking, and spend the night.
i only sleep for 3-4 hours and then i'm back to the activities.

aarrgghh God, gimme more hours in one day!!

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