Thursday, July 8, 2010

The Coffee Craving Test From Blogthings

i've browsed through the internet last night, and i found this
snazzy quiz site! there's a lot of quiz and generator. do you curious what's your mexican name? or your gangsta name? or even you want to know your personality by coffee?
i've done The Coffee Craving Test, and below is the result!

You Are Unique
You are vibrant and excited for each day. You like to mix things up a lot.
You get bored easily, and you're always on the hunt for new experiences.

Your friends would describe you as playful and full of zest. You look forward to every event and occasion.
You are restless sometimes. You need a little adventure to satisfy your wanderlust.
Look! You can post it everywhere, they offer the HTML code, or if you want to share this to your facebook page, twitter, or myspace, it's just a one click away! well, just try yourself :)

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