Sunday, January 10, 2010

The Jakarta Post

January 2nd : berangkat naek mobil sama ayah. by car, and when it was ridin' through west java, i couldn't smoke at all cause the road were rocky and has a lot of hole. i even couldn't hold my ciggarettes. f@#k. ):

January 3rd : welcome jakarta. (: rest in ayah's cribs, took a bath, lunch, and started a joke with abang til my head hit the wall, so i got a bruise about it. really dizzy and i chose to take a sleep. when i woke up, Bintaro Fam's are all there, pick me up to kidnapped me and bring me to Daddy's house.

January 4th : hangin out with my cousins, shopped, take a walk. family day (:

January 5th : suprisingly, Ryan and Denny came to jakarta by trai. gosh, we're stuck in the street cause of MACET. we picked them up at Jatinegara Station. they brought a contra bass and a guitar. ready to hit the road jack in potlot. say hello to Potlot's Fam! (: we're trying to make a gig at 6th of January but unluckily Slank is really busy for a charity nite for Om Yudhi. he has been had a cancer, and now he is in a hospital..

January 6th : we took a walk (include ryan and denny) to Lembang, my grandpa's crib at an elite zone in jakarta. bought a lot of foods, playin swing, and having fun!

January 7th : goin' to Pasar Senen, bought vintage clothes with a make sense price. hahahah. all of our clothes doesn't have price above 40 thousand rupiahs!

January 8th : hangin put with my mom's 'gang', Bandidas (hahhaha) to PIM 2. shopped at Zara, and i was under pressure of all those fuckin expensive clothes price! i decided to go to Potlot early because Ryan and Denny already there. met Bunda Iffet and she give me a 'speech' because of who and what i am now. smokes, boozes, tattos and around it ): jammin in Slank's studio and we're offered to have a recording there by Om Agil. gosh that was a big chance!

January 9th : took Ryan and Denny to Pasar Senen Station, they got to go home, they had a gig in the night, so they go home early. i went to Kuya's khitanan party. then go shopping *again* with mommy. we spend a lot of money *again* for a Zara cardigan, books and magz in Kinokuniya, dinner at HotShots. we tried to get into Mango but there's no good stuff. Metro got no heeled oxford shoes, neither did Sogo. Guess has it but with no REASONABLE PRICE. damn.

January 10th : packing. say hello to Jogja, where my heart belong to (:

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