Wednesday, December 28, 2011

i miss my dad.

here it is, the first album that my daddy made called "Anak Pantai".
i feel it was such a gift for me cause the album was published when i were born,
in January 1994. :)
the lyrics are not far from beachy themed, though there are some love songs too (for my mom, obviously), and the music is mostly reggae.

my dad is such a hard worker man. even though he's a lil bit temperamental and moody.
he's a family guy ;D
but some day there's a problem that made my daddo and mommi should walk the different way,
but still, he were always there for me. for my mom.
he's my hero for the rest of my life.

no matter what you've did in the past,
no matter how many mistakes have you made,

i still love you daddy, like the first time i born into this world.
no matter what,

Rest in Peace.


  1. wah anaknya imanez? :)
    ini kaset reggae ke-dua yang saya beli! (pertama: album legend-nya bob marley)

    kamu wajib bangga, papa kamu legenda reggae indonesia. :)

    1. halo Membunuh Matahari :)

      hehehe iyaaaa kebetulan sih iya anaknya Imanez.
      anyway thanks yaaaa, seneng masih ada yg mau denger lagu ayah aku.

      God bless you.