Friday, August 5, 2011


Ahoy everybody!
Let me introduce you all my lovely new tiny friend!

So, this is one of Sylvanian Families.
Sister Rabbit & Piano sets.
Surprisingly, my husband bought her for me this afternoon
at Kidz Station.
Cute, right?
I already named her, Cici
Such a lovely and adorable name :D

I've been wanting this set of Sylvanian Families for long time since I found it in PIM2.
First I thought like "Oh God, what for is this little thing if I buy it?"
But, geez, I couldn't resist if somebody give it to me! <3

I love Cici's floral halter dress,
in other way Sylvanian's Families sell the clothes for every character.
From dress, pyjama, suits, shoes..
Yeaa, I'm screaming SHOOEESS!
Later on, I'll start to save some bucks to buy Cici's need every month.
And the piano, it comes out in white and baby pink for the chair,
match combination for her dress!

Thank you so much dear for gave me a new room mate!
Mucha hugs and kisses! XOXOXOXOXO

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